How do I order supplies, labels and request forms?

Order by email, fax or using our online order form. We do not accept orders over the phone.

Order by email or fax:
fax: 01989 763533

Make sure you include your contact details and the address to send the items to. Please be sure to tell us how many of each item you would like and if you want kits specify if they are for Full Blood Count (FBC, routine monitoring, blue form) or therapeutic drug monitoring (non-ZTAS patients, green form).

Order through our website:
You can order both your consumables and labels on the website here.

Individual test request forms can be downloaded from the Download Forms page and for larger quantities of forms please visit the Consumable Request page or e-mail Magna Laboratories.

We aim to dispatch the order within 3 working days of receipt of order.

Additional Support Materials

Support materials provided in relation to Zaponex patients, such as Patient Handbooks, the Information Guide for Healthcare Professionals and patient appointment cards can be requested by contacting ZTAS or Magna Laboratories by email: or

Please specify how many of each item you would like and the name and address to send them to.

What do I need to do to return my sample safely?

What do I need to do to return my sample safely?

When sending blood samples certain criteria need to be meet;

  1. Handwritten forms and sample tubes are acceptable if we have 3 correct identifiers (e.g. first name, surname, DOB or ZTAS PIN number) which are legible.
  2. Clozapine Assay samples are recommended to be taken about 12hrs post dose to obtain a true trough level.
  3. Samples must be sent in a rigid transporter, this is to comply with UN3373 transport regulations. The rigid transporter greatly minimises the risk of blood tubes breaking in transit and includes absorbent material in the event of a leakage/breakage.

As well as correctly labelling the tube only the following tubes can be accepted;

  • Purple top EDTA vacutainer or pink top monovette for both FBC and Clozapine assay.
  • Serum (red top) or serum separated tubes (yellow top) for Clozapine Assay only.

Ideally one tube each for the FBC test and the Clozapine Assay, however a single tube and both forms would be accepted, and both can be sent together.

The window for testing the sample is:

  • FBC up to 4 days old
  • Clozapine Assay up to 7 days old

The stated processing time for each type samples starts on the day of receipt.

  • All FBC results are reported on the day they are received
  • Clozapine Assays reported within 3 working days from when they are received.

Reasons samples can be rejected include;

  • Sample too old (>4 days old for FBC, >7 days old for Clozapine Assay).
  • Sample unlabelled.
  • Request form unlabelled, not completed or no request form sent
  • Insufficient sample volume (minimum of 1mL for each test).
  • Less than 3 correct patient identifiers on form and sample.
  • Grossly haemolysed samples.
  • FBC sample clotted.
  • Incorrect blood tube

What is included in the sampling kit?

What is included in the Sampling kit?

As outlined in the Information Pack the sampling kit has the following items:

  • 2ml EDTA (purple top) blood tube
  • Needle
  • Safety Needle holder
  • Rigid transporter with built in absorbent material (for up to 3 samples)
  • Request form
  • Polybag (to put the above in)
  • Magna self-addressed prepaid mailing bag.

FBC requests forms are Blue

Clozapine Assay request forms are Yellow

How do I check results and client details?


For FBC results for patients treated with Clozapine (Zaponex) contact ZTAS:

Telephone       020 73655842 (option 1)


Clozapine assay results contact Magna Labs:

Telephone       01989 763333 or 020 73655842 (option 2)


Calls can be transferred between Magna Laboratories and ZTAS


Clinical Advice – Clozapine

Contact ZTAS for the Medical Information team:              020 73655842 (option 1)


Online Results

Health Care Professionals (HCPs) can register with ZTAS to access the on-line BloodResults portal ( to access both FBC and Clozapine Assay results by contacting ZTAS via the phone or e-mail.


Changing Patients details

For all ZTAS patients any alteration to personal information or treatment information must be communicated first to ZTAS. This can be done by:

Email:     and also cc Magna Laboratories (

Fax:                 020 73655843

For all other patients any updates must be communicated to Magna Laboratories. This can be done by:


Fax:                 01989 763533


When should I take a plasma level sample?

For accurate interpretation of results, the sample should be taken 12hrs after the last dose.

How does the courier service work?

The courier service is an additional service provided for ZTAS clients who have meet certain conditions with regards to number of samples and frequency of collection.

Collection Failure

If the courier service fails to make a collection within the prescribed time period, you must always telephone Magna Laboratories as soon as possible (before 16:30). Magna Laboratories will handle the query until it is resolved with the courier service.

  1.  Contact Magna Laboratories on 01989 763333
  2. Samples that are waiting for collection can be stored at room temperature or in a pharmacy/laboratory type fridge (2 to 8 °C).
  3. If a courier collection is missed,
    • The samples may be sent via Royal Mail in the pre-paid postal bags with the pre-printed Magna Laboratories address.
    • The pickup can be rescheduled via Magna Laboratories for the following day.

Delayed deliveries

If you think delivery of your samples has been delayed, you must always contact Magna Laboratories as soon as possible.

  1. Contact Magna Laboratories on 01989 763333
  2. The courier liaison will investigate when consignments are not delivered when expected and try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. They will keep Magna Laboratories informed of the situation, so we can advise the relevant health care provider as necessary.
  3. As far as possible Magna Laboratories will contact the relevant collection site if we find out that a collection from you has been delayed, so please keep us informed of your contact details.

Obligations of blood sampling sites using the courier service

  1. The collection site (you) must inform Magna Laboratories in good time of changes to collection dates required for national and local holidays.
  2. Blood sample tubes must be placed inside a rigid transporter and the transporter firmly closed before being placed in the addressed courier bag or postal bag. This is to comply with UN3373 transport regulations.
  3. The collection site must inform Magna Laboratories if your requirement for the service changes or is no longer required.
  4. The collection site must ensure Magna Laboratories is kept informed of current contact details for your site (principally telephone number), preferably with a named contact person and email address.