Established over 10 years ago Magna Labs is based in Herefordshire with excellent transport links to the rest of the UK and beyond

We are a team of dedicated scientists and are supported by state-of-the-art equipment. This enables us to provide a rapid, high-quality service, giving accurate and reliable results, with excellent turnaround times, at an extremely competitive price, thus helping you to manage your patients effectively.


“We are passionate about putting our clients and their patients at the heart of everything we do”

Willem Van Rijn
General Manager
Dr Marinka Helthuis-Jollie
Medical Director
Danny Legge, PhD
Laboratory Manager

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Magna Laboratories™ is the sister company of Leyden Delta™, a major supplier of clozapine in the UK

Magna was created in order to provide a Central Pathology Service for treatment services using Leyden Delta’s brand of clozapine, Zaponex™. As a result, Magna Laboratories has a direct interface with ZTAS™, Leyden Delta’s Patient Monitoring System and very close contacts with their Drug Safety and Medical Information departments in order to deliver a seamless service for their patients and those caring for them.