About Magna Laboratories™

Magna Laboratories™ is the sister company of Leyden Delta™, the largest supplier of clozapine in the UK  and was created in order to provide a Central Pathology Service for treatment services using Leyden Delta’s brand of clozapine , Zaponex™ (clozapine).  As a result, Magna Laboratories™  has a direct interface with ZTAS™, Leyden Delta’s Patient Monitoring System and very close contacts with their Drug Safety and Medical Information departments in order to deliver a seamless service for their patients and those caring for them.

Magna Laboratories™ first FBC samples were processed in November 2011 and less than a year later the clozapine plasma  levels were analysed.

Since then Magna lLaboratories™ has grown to meet not only the needs of both Leyden Delta™ but also the needs of those treating clozapine patients.

Magna Laboratories’™ focus on quality is underpinned by its commitment to maintain and continually improve its quality systems and processes. This was exemplified in September 2015 when Magna Laboratories™ was awarded its Medical Laboratory Accreditation by UKAS (ISO 15189:2012).

The core of the business was built around servicing the needs of patients living with treatment-resistant schizophrenia on clozapine by undertaking:

  • Full Blood Count (FBC) analysis
  • Clozapine levels in plasma

This is supported by Leyden Delta’s Medical Information department.